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Request New Product
If you are a K12 school wishing to order in bulk, please email us directly with your school information and potential quantity so that we can prioritize your request. With 3,600+(still growing every day) schools/school district served so far,  we would love to serve your school's needs to make your students worry free with their tablets/laptops as mCover® products are made to protect your electronic devices.
K12 school teachers: Please use this dedicated link to request your FREE sample case(s). You will get a confirmation email once you fill out this form. Please remember to email us your school logo( in PSD/PNG/EPS/TIFF/JPEG format with transparent background ) if you want us to add your school logo to the sample case to show your pride. Our K12 team will send you a shipping notification email once we ship your sample(s) out.

Please visit our Europe website at

We welcome your feedback and product request.
If you want to request us to make a new mCover® product for your specific device, please fill out the following form to let us know your interest if your device is NOT in our release schedule.
Your email address:
We value your privacy. We will not sell your email address to third party companies.
We will only use your email address to notify you the arrival of new products.
The Device Name & Model number you want us to make mCover® products for:
Please include as much detail information as possibe.
Acceptable price(in US$):
Please provide the price you would agree to pay once the new product is available. Please provide honest price as unreasonable request will be ignored due to considerable big startup cost(mould/sample/design,etc) for a new product.

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow us at @iPear_mCover for news on products.
We will notify you once the new product is available. You can also check our website later according to our schedule.

iPearl 2017 new releases for Chromebooks

Our schedule for New Products
2018 Releases
2017 Releases ( 36 released )
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2015 Releases ( 27 released )
2016 Releases ( 39 released )

mCover New Releases 2016

2013 Releases ( 28 models )
2014 Releases ( 31 models )
mCover® for Google 			Chromebooks
mCover® for Samsung Chromebook 11.6-inch mCover® for Acer C710 Chromebook 11.6-inch mCover® for HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook 14-inch mCover® for Google Pixel Chromebook 12-inch mCover® for HP Chromebook 11 11.6-inch mCover® for HP Chromebook 14 14-inch mCover® for Acer C720 Chromebook 11.6-inch mCover® for Lenovo Thinkpad X131e Chromebook
 		11.6-inch mCover® for Toshiba CB30 series 13.3-inch
 		chromebook mCover® for Dell ChromeBook 11.6-inch laptop mCover® for Samsung Chromebook 2 XE503C32
 		13.3-inch mCover® for Samsung Chromebook 2 XE503C12
 		11.6-inch mCover® for HP Chromebook 11 G2 series 11.6-inch mCover® for ASUS ChromeBook C200 11.6-inch

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